The art of chatting up girls

When it comes to dating and dating techniques that guys employ one are where many guys really are left wanting is in the most simple areas such  as basically just knowing some tips on how to chat up girls and basically knowing what to say. there are so many different elements to this and it really is quite easy to improve if under the right instruction or if enough effort is put into overcoming this issue.

There are some basic rules that we need to follow which include such things as:

Eye Contact When communicating you really do need to maintain eye contact but it really has to be he right amount. Too much and she might think  that you are a bit strange and no enough and she might think that you are a bit weak or shy etc. In order to have success with women it is really a better way to show confidence with the girl that you are talking to

The Subject It is not just about talking non-stop to your date, in order to truly learn how to attract a girl or women in general we must make sure that the conversation is fairly light hearted and something that will make her smile. Again here we need to reach a happy medium. For example even if she shows interest in world affairs, it is probably a bad move to start putting the world to rights over geo-politics and equally you dont need to be a stand up comedian either, and so striking this balance is really the ultimate key to success with women

Open Questions the oldest one in the book is to ask the girl some open questions. By doing this you really encourage her to talk a lot more about herself which is always a winner and asking questions that can lead to a yes or no answer can easily lead to a quick disaster for the conversation with your new date

Stay tuned for our next installment of talking to women where we will discuss this in a bit more depth and also look at some different angles!

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