Discover 5 Dead Easy Ways To Seduce A Woman

Seducing A Woman

Looking to improve your love life and mix with more and more women? How would you like to be able to do a handful of simple things and seduce incredible women?

Lets start out by saying what you shouldnt be doing.

For a start the last thing you should be doing is being a pervert and making it obvious to her that you want to have your cravings satisfied. Nor should you be initiating “dirty talk” right off the bat.

A woman wants to feel safe around you. If she is to open up sexually with you she needs to feel totally “at ease” and you have to show her that you are the man for the job.

She wont be looking for a hairy bum crack on show, or a sweaty beard with food stuck in it, so all of these things will need to be addressed.

Turn her on before you even touch her

With a woman its all about her, and what she wants. Sure, you can feel selfish and object to this, but if you follow things as they should be, you will have more than your fair share of amazing women wanting to be with you and spend time with you and get to know you that little bit better.

Sound good?

Ok lets look closer at how to seduce a woman with the smartest techniques!

TIP 1: Groom yourself well

Turning up on a first date in food spattered crinkled clothing isnt going to cut it. Seriously, how is she going to react when you smell of fast food and have mud on your face and pieces of Broccoli stuck between your teeth?

Make sure you are clean and smell nice. Ensure your clothing is clean and presentable and you make the best of your personal appearance.

TIP 2: Paint a positive outgoing picture of yourself

Traditionally, men protect “their woman” or they did in caveman days. Contenders would step in and get beaten back by a large club. “Shes mine!”. Even though we live in a far more neutral world these days, its still inherently programmed into our DNA for “men to protect women”.

This is why women love the idea of a hero. Im sure you know how things go when the mere mention of a fireman crops up in conversation most women will smile and raise their eyebrows.

So when you are talking to a woman you need to give out a vibe of positivity. You know the traditional “Fonz” from happy days – a “cool dude” with all the confidence in the world.

Now Im not advocating you need to be like Fonz, but you do need to have an air of confidence about you.

If you are so nervous that you simply cannot do this heres how you can overcome this:

Think of something that you do that you are good at.

Maybe you are a great decorator, or a great gardener. As you are talking to her, if you feel the nerves, simply say to yourself (silently):

“Im a good decorator. Mrs XYZ really was gob-smacked when I decorated her hallway AND she told her friends. Yep, Im pretty good at that”.


“I may not be tall dark or handsome but I know how to make a garden look nice. The borders look really nice when theyve been weeded and tidied up and its really great to look at. Yep, Id say Im a pretty good gardener!”

TIP 3: Setting the right mood – getting on the right path

So, if you learn how to “stroke her head” (i.e. her mind), it will lead her straight into your bed. Romantic settings may mean very little to us men. Soft lighting or easy music we may not care about, but for a woman who may be nervous or feel insecure about her body, these things all help to set the right mood for romance.

Women love the idea of romance. “Tall dark man sweeps her off her feet and looks after her as well as fulfilling all of her deepest desires”. Is it any wonder 50 shades did so well? Now imagine if the same Mr Gray was a short wearing beer bellied guy who constantly burped and farted. 99% of women will turn up their nose.

Appeal to her sense of smell. Old Spice is now old news. You should ask her if she prefers the scent of cinnamon, Sandalwood, roses etc. and consider a incense burner.

NEVER offer to show her your bed! She knows and you know that a chat or date “may” end up leading somewhere. The good news is as long as you dont even bring it up in conversation you are more likely to keep the story moving than to end it abruptly. Even if you are alone with her and things are heating up, just take things as they come and go with the flow.

Keep confident – believe in what you are good at and dont succumb to your ego by showing her your “Ferrari, or expensive phone” etc. Women much more prefer a man with humility than an egomaniac so forget about bragging.

Make her laugh – yep its true. If you can make a woman laugh all day long things stand a very good chance of being a success for years to come. Women love to be around confident people who make them laugh and enrich their lives. They dont want to be around shallow people who never go out, watch tv all day or never strike up a conversation.

If you have things in common you can probably talk about something funny. Perhaps you could make a joke about her choice in pop star, or talk about how funny it was when “co-worker” spilled Green paint down them.

TIP 4: Match her “style” when kissing.

So if youve taken things slowly and things are going well. Youve leaned in for the kiss. How do you act or kiss her?

Well ideally you want to be matching how she kisses. Whatever she is doing with her tongue you should do the same. If she is kissing slowly and gently then do the same.

TIP 5: When youre in the bedroom give her what she wants

In return you will have your every dream fulfilled. Dont simply go straight into sex and pleasure yourself in under 5 minutes. You have to STOP being selfish! This is no longer about you emptying your load into her and climbing out of bed to go grab a beer.

You need to be a great listener and give her exactly what she wants. Make her the centre of attention and ensure that your only aim is to give her the most intense orgasms ever. When you do this, and make it “only about her” you will be blown away by what happens.

This can be done by watching her pleasure herself and then copying what she did. Only when she feels so safe and secure that she can fully relax to do this, and then let you do the same, will intense spectacular sexual harmony be achieved between you. This is the point at which you know youve reached your goal. To please her.

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