The art of chatting up girls

When it comes to dating and dating techniques that guys employ one are where many guys really are left wanting is in the most simple areas such  as basically just knowing some tips on how to chat up girls and basically knowing what to say. there are so many different elements to this and it really is quite easy to improve if under the right instruction or if enough effort is put into overcoming this issue.

There are some basic rules that we need to follow which include such things as:

Eye Contact When communicating you really do need to maintain eye contact but it really has to be he right amount. Too much and she might think  that you are a bit strange and no enough and she might think that you are a bit weak or shy etc. In order to have success with women it is really a better way to show confidence with the girl that you are talking to

The Subject It is not just about talking non-stop to your date, in order to truly learn how to attract a girl or women in general we must make sure that the conversation is fairly light hearted and something that will make her smile. Again here we need to reach a happy medium. For example even if she shows interest in world affairs, it is probably a bad move to start putting the world to rights over geo-politics and equally you dont need to be a stand up comedian either, and so striking this balance is really the ultimate key to success with women

Open Questions the oldest one in the book is to ask the girl some open questions. By doing this you really encourage her to talk a lot more about herself which is always a winner and asking questions that can lead to a yes or no answer can easily lead to a quick disaster for the conversation with your new date

Stay tuned for our next installment of talking to women where we will discuss this in a bit more depth and also look at some different angles!

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Why are some younger women attracted to older men

It is now becoming more and more common that younger women are in search of their sugar daddy and there are even lots of websites that are completely directed at this such as to name one of the more commonly known ones.

The reason for this is often quite complex and made up of many different elements for different people but the common theme among young women that opt for this option is that they are looking for someone who has more maturity than someone of their own age. At a young age most young women would argue that guys of the same age are basically too immature for them and added to this they really just don’t know what they want in life and this is not appealing

One of the other crucial points is that as well as the maturity factor, most older guys are usually better set up in their life and have some good savings behind them as well as more security, such as their own property and maybe business etc.

The next aspect of why younger women are likely to go for the older man is that they will often say that they are more experienced lovers and so perform a lot better in the bedroom. Whether it is knowing how to kiss a girl properly for example or how to last longer when it comes to making love, younger women do tend to put a lot more faith in the abilities of the older man rightly or wrongly

In summary it can be quite a generalization to be of this opinion and in many cases it can be way of the mark, but on the whole most older guys do really know what they want and perhaps do offer a few things that they younger guy cannot at his stage of life!

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How To Know If A Girl Likes You – Simple Signals That Give A Green Light!

How to Know if she likes you!

Most men have no idea at all whether or not a girl they are talking to is interested in them also. Women are far more complex than men and actually give off several tell tale signs that show they like you.

Here are a list of pointers you can look out for when talking to a girl or on a date for the first time.

Before we jump in, lets look at signs that she is clearly not interested in you.

  • She looks away all the time at other things
  • She is on her phone when talking to you
  • She keeps asking for the time
  • Her body is pointing away from your direction.
  • She keeps asking when the next bus or train is coming.

Now, the above signs may seem incredibly obvious to many men, and you may well laugh a little at these, but the same obviousness applies to the signs that she is interested in you.

The truth is that once you get to know what these “interested” signals are, it is easy to spot them and your chances of romance increase with how much you learn.

So lets jump in and take a closer look at the positive signals a woman will give off when she is interested in you.

  • Her eyes are dilated

Her eyes can tell a big story in how she is feeling and thinking inside. You need to hold her gaze and pay attention to what her eyes are doing. If they are dilated it means she is relaxed and comfortable in your presence and this is a great sign.

  • She holds your gaze

She is showing that she is interested in you and what you have to say. She likes what she sees and wants to see more.

  • She asks you questions about yourself

Again she is asking probing questions to simply “keep the conversation going” as she wants to continue enjoying the moment with you.

  • She often smiles.

This shows that she is interested in you. A smile is also often easy to spot in her eyes.

If the above pointers are coming from her then these are very good positive signals she is giving out. At this stage you should compliment her on her appearance. For example “nice outfit”.

  • She plays with her hair

This is an inadvertent flirting technique. She is playing with her hair in a way that she would like you to do, even if subconsciously.

  • She plays with and bites her lips.

Again this means she is interested. Subconsciously she is doing to her lips what she would like you to do to her lips (unless she is chewing on a wart then perhaps not). What she is doing is drawing your attention to her lips. You may begin to have thoughts of kissing them, and that is exactly what she is hoping for!

  • She faces you

Is her body and her feet facing towards you? Bingo – a great positive sign that she is interested in you and wants to intently listen to and enjoy what you are talking about. Consider it a positive vibe.

  • She wants to be around you – a lot.

This might mean she is texting you quite a bit, or she tends to come over to you “first” in a crowded room, or in a party she will make sure YOU get her first glance as she enters (even if she doesnt come over to you first).

  • Accidental touching – oops!

Physical contact is a big thing for girls. So the next time they accidentally brush against your arm, or give a playful punch consider it a positive sign that they are interested in you and what you have to offer.

  • Ha ha ha – youre so funny – not!

So you may not be the best at telling jokes, but if she laughs at yours and you know they arent that good, consider it a positive sign. Even if she doesnt like them much she is trying to show interest that she likes you.

  • Hey youre so cool!

If she is talking about you to her friends or family consider this a good thing. She is asking for their opinion on you. Every girl wants to get the confirmation from her friends that you are a “good egg” so if you overhear things or know that she is talking about you consider this to be a Green signal for go get her!

If you are interested in discovering more about signals from women and learning ways to tell if a girl likes you then contact me Tony Frampton anytime for more advice and tips!

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